Occupational Health Services Cardiff and Wales

We provide Occupational Health appointments by telephone or skype anywhere in the UK. Face to face appointments are also available within the Cardiff and South Wales area.


Referrals are easy to arrange and can usually be carried out within 3 days. Just download our referral form below, speak to your employee and complete the referral. Then, just email it back to us and we will arrange your appointment. Most referrals cost no more than £150. If you want to discuss your referral give us a call or email first

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COVID-19 Occupational Health Services

We are open to provide you and your business with advice on COVID-19.

Is your business prepared to manage the potential risks that the COVID-19 pandemic poses? OH Professionals have an extensive knowledge of infectious disease and emerging health risks. Occupational Health Nurses are on the Public Health part of the nursing register and so are qualified to provide advice.

We can offer support to you in the following ways:

  • COVID-19 fitness for work assessments.
  • COVID-19 clinical assessments and advice.
  • Advice on home worker adjustments.
  • Advice on vulnerable employees.
  • Sickness absence referrals.
  • Workplace health & hygiene advice.

All consultations carried out by telephone or skype.

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I carry out sickness absence referral appointments, health surveillance and lifestyle screening. I work personally with clients and use my extensive experience to support businesses manage employee ill health issues.

Jean Fisher

I am an Occupational Health Nurse with over 30 years experience of helping businesses to manage employee ill health issues.  I carry out referrals by telephone, skype or face to face.  A telephone appointment is effective in the majority of cases and has the advantage of being quick and easy to arrange without asking your employee to travel. You do not need to request a GP report first.

Contact Me

I would love to discuss your needs.  Mobile: 07864006850  Office: 01443262219

Email: jean.fisher@theohbusiness.co.uk or info@theohbusiness.co.uk

Jean Fisher can support your business

Do you need advice to manage employee health issues in your business?

I personally work with clients to provide the following services:

Reduce your sickness absence

Return to work reasonable adjustment advice

Fit for work medicals

Health surveillance needs assessments

Stress risk assessments

Download the Quick and Easy Stress Risk Assessment Guide

Client Testimonial

“Jean provides advice in a very straightforward no-nonsense manner that is very clear and unambiguous whilst at the same time providing a caring and understanding approach. OH reports are concise, useful an provided very quickly”

“The OH report has provided me with the clear actionable advice I needed to manage this complex long term sickness absence case”

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Have a Question? Contact Jean today on 01443 262219 or jean.fisher@theohbusiness.co.uk