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Jean Fisher, RGN OHNC, Diploma in managing health services, is the founder and owner of The Occupational Health Business. An Occupational Health Nurse for over 35 years and passionate about improving the way employee health is managed in the workplace. Jean builds close relationships with clients so that regular ongoing support is provided.

Occupational health is the branch of medicine specialising in employee health advice and the diseases of occupations. It is an early clinical intervention to give advice on reasonable adjustments and fitness for work.

Are you looking for ad hoc cost effective advice on fitness for work? I can undertake a comprehensive Occupational Health consultation with your employee and provide you with a report containing clear actionable advice, so that you can manage the case forward. No contracts to sign and no retainer fees. I am here when you need support.

Our services can support you in the following ways:-

Return to Work Advice

How to book an Appointment


Booking an appointment is easy.  Complete the referral form with your employee.  A referral is made as a duty of care to the employee also to provide support and advice to management. Consent is not needed to write to the GP.  We don’t need to do this as we are experienced and competent to provide an occupational health opinion on fitness for work.

The reports you will receive from The Occupational Health Business will give you clear actionable advice on how to manage your employee.  Information on the following will be included in reports as a minimum.

  • Fitness for specific role.
  • Expected return to work date.
  • Covid considerations.
  • Proactive rehabilitation advice.
  • Implications of the Equality Act.
  • Likelihood of future absences.
  • If the condition is work related.
  • What reasonable adjustments are indicated.
  • Advice to Managers regarding any medical condition.
  • If Ill Health Retirement is recommended.

We will provide meaningful reports to so that cases can be moved forward after every appointment.  The report you will receive from The OH Business will assist you to manage each case with confidence. It will ensure that there is a coordinated approach to attendance management.

The requirements of all relevant employment law will be complied with, specifically but not limited to: –

  • The Data Protection Act 1988/GDPR Regulations 2018
  • The Access to Medical Records Act 1988
  • The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1988
  • The Human Rights Act 1988
  • The Equality Act 2010

 Occupational Health Records and GDPR

The processing of personal data can only be justified if it is carried out in accordance with a Schedule 2 condition. Compliance with a Schedule 3 condition is required for the processing of sensitive personal data. In the GDPR the equivalent provisions are contained in Articles 6 and 9, respectively.

In Occupational Health, the processing of data will not be made under consent condition but under Article 9 (2) (h): processing is necessary for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, for the assessment of the working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment or the management of health or social care systems or services.

Employees have the right to see any information held and to do so, employees can request copies of their records via an access request.

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